Curated by Patsy Coffey Kline + Adam Rosekelly
Opening Reception

Friday, May 10, 2019
Closing Reception
Friday, June 28, 2019
Artist Talk
Live PA by Librarian
exhibition statement:
Those of us who have art in our souls and have used art as a therapeutic healing tool throughout our lives will appreciate, understand, and value Sean's work at the deepest level. His experimental nature is intoxicating. It's not often one come across such an impressive body of work created by someone who just started painting in 2016. Sean's work is a reminder that art has the power to heal, build community, bring joy, and keep us young at heart.
~ Patsy Coffey Kline
Artist bio:
Sean Wheeler is a Cleveland, Ohio based artist who works out of his studio at Soulcraft Woodshop in the Osborne Building on Hamilton Avenue. He also teaches 9th grade English.  
In 2016, at 42 years old, Wheeler began painting and hasn’t stopped since. He has completed over 400 visual works to date.
Artist statement:
Sisyphus, the mythic Greek guy, was relegated as punishment to endlessly pushing a bolder up a hill only to have it roll down again just as it’s almost over the top. Think Charlie Brown. Think the Cleveland Browns. Think Cleveland.
So why does Sisyphus bother? Why would he try to push again and again forever when he and everybody else knows it’ll amount to nothing? 
Choosing is better than not choosing.  
These paintings are nothing more than an orgy of choices. Everywhere in these textures, colors, goofy characters, and handmade stretchers are buried a thousand choices that I got to make. None of these paintings just happened to me. None of them started with the idea that with this one I’d finally push the boulder over the hill and create something great. I wasn’t trying for the peak. I was reveling in the choice to even push at all. 
That’s what I got out of making these paintings. In a life that I didn’t always get to choose what happened, I’ve found space in my life to honor the idea that I’m so thankful, no matter what, to be around to keep making choices and seeing where they take me.
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