Spotlighting U Cleveland!!
Group Show

Please join us as we celebrate the Kickoff to Cleveland Photo Fest!
Opening July 26, 6-10pm
Closing Aug 20, 6-10pm

REPEAT patterns in art and design are the repetition of lines, shapes, tones, colors, textures and forms. We have asked photographers, artists, and designers to explore patterns to discover their decorative elegance; to understand their structural form; and to communicate their intrinsic beauty. To show Cleveland repeated patterns which remind us of life beyond itself; and which has the impress of imagination strong on it; and something which can be done with pleasure. 

**Our Spotlight artist for July 26th is Matthew Coates. He is a Cleveland Photo Fest Capture Cleveland featured photographer and emerging artist. Coates work focuses on the beauty, rhythm and calmness found in repeated patterns of the urban landscape.
Matthew Coates Artist’s Bio
Matthew Coates is a Cleveland based photographer who works out of his home in the Gordon Square neighborhood. Coates studied set design at DePaul University before transferring to School of the Art Institute of Chicago to study photography. He currently works as a User Experience Manager for a local bank. 
Coates has been taking pictures on and off for the past 30 years and has participated in group shows, as well as a solo show highlighting photos taken while traveling in Europe. His passion for photography was reignited two years ago and he has not stopped taking pictures since. 
Coates’s current work focuses on the calmness and beauty of repeat patterns found in the Cleveland landscape. 
Matthew Coates Artist’s Statement
I have always loved to explore. Whether it is a street I never went down, a city I’ve never been to, or a park I’ve never hiked through, there are interesting things to be found everywhere.  I especially enjoy exploring the streets of Cleveland. They are full of so many great textures and patterns, just begging to be photographed. 
Part of the joy of photography, for me, is finding places that I think are interesting and sharing them with others. I don’t understand photographers who won’t share the locations of things they photograph. That is why the titles of my photographs are the locations. I like to think of them as wayfinding signs. I feel, hey, I found something that I think is pretty cool, and if you like my photo, here is where you can go find it. Go take a picture of it yourself and post it for me to see. Everyone will see something different.

**Our Featured artist for July 26th is Jim Szudy. He is the Director of the Cleveland Photo Fest, a freelance photographer, and founder of Gemini Developers, which assists local photographers, musicians, and painters, in marketing, social media, writing publications, and web design.

Matthew Coates, Patternscapes / photography
Jim Szudy, Mixed Media / photography/video
Ross Bochnek, Psychedelico/ photography/video/sound
Sean Wheeler, Mixed Media / photography
Patsy Coffey Kline, Mixed Media / photography/video
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